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Considering cabinets from Nu-Way?

There are some things that you can do to plan and prepare.

1. Plan your timing:

     a. Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for installation after confirmation, depending on cabinet style

     b. Stone countertop fabrication requires templating after cabinet installation

          1. Allow 10 business days after templating for stone countertop installation

2. Acquire your appliance specifications

3. Compose a basic layout:

(We'll do this for you at no charge, but before you come to us, you may want to do this so that you have an idea as to what fits and what works.)

     a. Measure the wall dimensions

     b. Measure the ceiling heights and bulkhead heights

4. Choose a cabinet style:

     a. Frameless

     b. Frame

          1. Standard

          2. Inset

              - Standard inset

              - Beaded inset

                 • Flush bead

                 • Raised bead

5. Choose a wood type

6. Select colour(s)

7. Choose a door style:

     a. Wood doors

     b. Thermovision doors

8. Choose your countertop material:

     a. Quartz Products:

          1. Cambria®

          2. Caesarstone®

     b. Stone:

          1. Granite, marble

          2. Soapstone

     c. Solid Surface:

          1. Corian®

          2. PaperStone®

     d. Laminate:

          1. Formica®

          2. Wilsonart®

          3. Arborite®

          4. Pionite®

9. Select your door pull hardware:

     a. Knobs / pulls

10. Select accessories:

       a. Cabinet accessories

If you still aren’t sure about what designs you want for your cabinets, feel free to visit our gallery to find inspiration. You can also visit our showroom for a close look at the cabinet products and accessories we have to offer.

Get directions or get in touch. Contact us
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